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Authentic Learning Experiences in the Classroom – May 31, 2017

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Are you looking for ways to engage your students and deepen learning experiences? Wondering how to implement these terms you keep hearing: inquiry, authentic, deep understanding? Problem and project based learning strategies re-center the classroom on the learners, connecting their investigations into real world problems and scenarios to the standards of the curriculum.

During this workshop, we will explore the core concepts of problem and project based learning, make connections between existing curriculum and real world problems, and provide feedback on unit and lesson design.

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Media and Visual Literacy – June 1, 2017

Consider how much of your day you spend consuming information.

You might not even be aware that you are absorbing images and sounds (until you get that one commercial stuck in your head). Think about student use of technology, their immersion into a heavily weighted audio and video culture with little text to read. Tweets are 140 characters long, and many times link to a video or an image.

Now consider how you read all that media. How does your brain process that information? Were you taught to examine an image or a series of images? What message is being sent, and why? How do you feel about the product whose jingle will not leave your head?

Learning to read the messages of media takes time. Ohio’s Library Standards address these questions, as do ISTE’s Standards for Teachers and Students. This workshop will work in teaching faculty, staff, and students how to read the world around us.

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Get Going with Google Classroom – June 6, 2017

Are you interested in using Google Classroom with your students but not sure where to start? This workshop is designed for classroom teachers or administrators in GAFE districts who have not yet started using Google Classroom or who have started, but did not get too far.

Participants need to bring their own laptops and must have a Google Drive and Google Classroom account through their school district.

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Changing Instruction in the 1:1 Classroom – June 7, 2017

How do you leverage the power of a device in every child’s hands?

This workshop will explore the benefits of digital learning for all children, and support teachers in their transition to a new instructional environment. Teachers will examine the elements of effective instruction in the context of a digital classroom, utilize the SAMR model when evaluating lessons and units, and explore resources and tools used in successful 1:1 classrooms.

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Closing the Gap with Apps – June 15, 2017 and June 16, 2017

With more mobile devices being used in classrooms, we have designed classroom app recommendations for closing the gap. Workshops support teachers at their comfort level while modeling effective utilization of apps in the classroom and improving achievement for all students.

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Summer retreat? Planning for next year? We can create customized professional development for your team!

Ed-Tech Coaching Camp

Come join the fun and learn from other technology integration specialists! This series will provide valuable opportunities for learning and collaboration. Tried and true tools will be shared with those who coach or aspire to lead technology integration in the classroom.

Embedded Instructional Technology Coaching

Technology should be a tool to assist with the learning process. Many times teachers need a hand with seamlessly bringing technology into the classroom environment. Hamilton County ESC Instructional Technology Consultants (TAG) are skilled in providing side-by-side assistance by mentoring, team teaching, and modeling the use of technology to support instruction. They have experience facilitating conversations with faculty and administrators about changing instruction and assessment in the classroom. TAG can also assist in the development of materials and resources to support staff members. The aim of TAG’s coaching is to develop capacity and foster growth in each school that is supported, so that when the time comes, the faculty and administration are self-sufficient. The coaching model will be developed with district or building leadership to devise the best outcomes for your staff. The number of days will be determined by district request.

Instructional Technology – Customized Professional Development

Hamilton County ESC Instructional Technology Consultants (TAG) can prepare teaching and learning for your staff using technology to enrich and enhance the learning experience. PD can be created around a curricular area, standards, or specific learning outcomes. The consultant will work with district or building leadership to develop a comprehensive plan that best fits the needs and time-frame of the organization.

Planning for a 1:1: Technology Implementation

Districts considering or in the process of planning a 1:1 implementation will benefit from this one-day workshop! Whether it is a grade level roll-out, or several grades, or even the whole district, the day will cover important topics and timelines. You will leave with resources to guide you on your path. The morning will focus on the “checklist” of items to include in a technology roll-out; what are these items, why are they important, and when should you incorporate them. This learning will be followed by a working lunch for teams to start creating their timelines. In the afternoon, a panel comprised of districts who have already traveled this path will share insights from their journeys and answer questions. An ideal team for this session would include participants from upper level administration, building level administration, teacher at the building level, curriculum leader, technology leader, and a student and/or parent.

Technology Leadership, Planning and Administration

Hamilton County ESC Instructional Technology Consultants (TAG) can assist with planning the vision for technology in your district as well as support other administrative tasks related to technology and instruction. We have experience in creating short and long range professional development plans, administration of technology services, and organizing district initiatives.

Instructional Technology Strategies for the Classroom

G Suite (Google), Office 365 and other interactive tools are creating a world where learning is more networked and engaging. Hamilton County ESC Instructional Technology Consultants (TAG) can help teachers and students navigate a world of tools that are already being embraced by businesses, journalists and politicians. Learners will examine how to best incorporate these tools into classroom experiences.

Social Media – How Do I Get Started?

Are you new to social media? Do you need help in maximizing the positive benefits of connecting with your students, parents and community members? One of our Hamilton County ESC Instructional Tech Consultants (TAG) can assist you with the process. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and other social tools to tell your story and inform parents about your classroom.

Digital Literacy: Learning and Creating

In “Digital Literacy: Learning and Creating in the Secondary Classroom”, a blended course on reading and writing, teachers will redefine the idea of literacy to include a variety of media and digital tools. We will deconstruct stories told through various media. We will redefine literacy and communication as digital concepts. Teachers will communicate and collaborate with peers to create lessons, projects, and assessments for classroom use. The course will be a combination of face-to-face and online learning. Teachers will work in teams to present a final project. The text we will use (please purchase independently) is Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age by Mark Gura.

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