The visual graphic tree organizer that you should be using – Pearltrees

If you are a linear thinker with a need for visualization like I am, is a great solution for organizing your resources. allows the user create a graphic organizer of notes, materials, webpages, or pictures in a digital environment. It is similar to making a board in Pinterest to collect resources, but in this case allows the user to organize the ideas in a visual graphic tree format, rather than a static board. 

Pearltrees is fairly intuitive to use. A user creates a Pearltree, and then adds pearls. Pearls can be drag-and-dropped onto other branches as well as other trees.

Pearltrees offers some nice features that make it appealing such as the ability to link to other people’s Pearltrees and add them to your trees. This could allow for great collaboration between colleagues especially if multiple people are teaching the same course.

My test tree focused on organizing the new Biology Common Core Standards with four main branches for each topic and then has sub-branches for each strand. Each strand then has pearls that link to supportive websites and pictures. This created a nice visual map of the standards and strand, as well as what resources I already have to support them.

Pearltrees screenshot

It shows me immediately areas that need more evidence or places where I need new and updated resources. As a teacher, this helps to organize my curriculum and help to wrap my head around the new Common Cores standards.

Laura Bubnick

Laura Bubnick

Instructional Technology Consultant
Laura Bubnick

Laura Bubnick

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