Ohio Tech Coord List Serve

The Technology Coordinator’s Email Distribution List is an Ohio peer-based, discussion list focused on the broad spectrum of technology infrastructure, management and support issues and experiences that are shared among school technical leaders and staff. This professional learning community is a monitored public forum consisting of over 600 technical personnel from Ohio.

This list was at one time monitored by eTech Ohio. eTech Ohio was terminated in July of 2013. The list is not moderated and there are no eligibility requirements for subscribing to the list. However, the community of users on this list closely follow a Charter.


Subscribing to Techcoords

To subscribe to Techcoords, send an email with no message to join-techcoords@list.em.ohio.gov.


Unsubscribing from Techcoords

To unsubscribe from Techcoords, send a blank email to leave-techcoords@list.em.ohio.gov from the email address by which you are subscribed.



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