Be the Quiz Master of Your Classroom

Check out these two other classroom multiplayer quiz programs that are sure to engage your students and have them asking for more!


Quizizz ( is a highly engaging review game. How engaging? I observed a class of 7th graders completely absorbed by the game — focused on their score, silent fist pump for each right answer, dejected slump for each wrong, and a request to take the quiz again to get a better score (truly, students asked to take the quiz again).


Students can view the leaderboard, gain extra points for how quickly they answer questions, and see the list of questions and answers at the end of the quiz. Teachers have the option to jumble question order, turn off the list of questions and answers, and turn on or off the meme that displays after each question.

Pre-existing quizzes exist, and of course teachers can make and save their own. Quizizz works across all devices and platforms.


Quizalize ( is another engaging review game, but a little more formal looking in set-up and style. Quizalize also allows students to see their ranking against others — but with a twist.

quizalize screen

Students are on teams generated by the program, and they see how their team fares against others. This is a recent update, and I’ve not yet seen it live, but I think it has great potential. The dashboard allows teachers to see which students are “stronger”, “almost there”, and “weaker” and then also view student performance by question.

There’s a marketplace of pre-created quizzes, and all devices and platforms are supported.

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