Pokemon Go is Going… to School

Pokemon Go. I know, I know. It’s the most searched term on Google. It’s the game taking over phones.

But it is also getting people outside, looking at their communities, talking to other people IN REAL LIFE. Naturally, teachers might want to leverage this highly engaging game for their classrooms. How?

pokemon go

The following links (filtered from a mere two million sites on Google) might help you consider ways in which you can incorporate aspects of Pokemon Go into your lessons.

Discovery Education: Kathy Shrock has listed some excellent ways to utilize the game to build technology skills and resources. Additionally, for novices (and skilled users), there is a vocabulary list to help with your gaming!

ISTE: Here are 14 short but sweet ideas for classrooms from the International Society for Technology in Education.

National Geographic: The activities listed provide detailed steps for implementing. Also, the site notes articles from around the web that could be great launching points for discussion about the game.

Teaching Ideas: This site lists ideas for all content areas, including art, music and PE. Suggestions could be adapted to all grade levels.

Teach Hub: Perhaps not as heavy on the how to add to content area lessons, this article might inspire some excellent digital citizenship conversations.

Amy Hensley

Amy Hensley

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