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Over the past few months, Math consultant Kelly Wegener and I have been on PARCC detail – what is it, where is it, when is it – and have visited with nearly every district in our region through workshops and presentations. We’ve had a huge amount of resources at our fingertips via PARCC, ODE, and other websites.

But instead of having educators write down URLs or whip out cell phones and tablets to take a picture of a PowerPoint slide, we needed to find a better option for sharing PARCC resources, especially those found on PARCC’s website.

While the PARCC website is a feast of information for teachers, administrators, and curriculum developers – the cafeteria line isn’t always the most user friendly. Materials get reorganized, links change, and sometimes, the search results don’t quite match the original search terms.

symbaloo webmix for parcc
Symbaloo webmix for PARCC.


Enter Symbaloo. (and is a content curation tool that makes gathering links from around the internet easy and visually appealing. The resulting tile layout is called a webmix, which you can color code, add icons/images, add text, and then share via link, address, or social media.

I’ve been using my PARCC Webmix for ELA to assist districts with ELA test administration and test prep. Looking for a Math version? Here’s a link to Kelly’s PARCC Webmix for Math.

Once you’ve accessed the links, be sure to click the orange button or you won’t be able to see all the tiles.

start using webmix example

You don’t need an account to use the webmix, but if you have one, or want to start one, it’s easy to add pre-made webmixes like ours to your account so you don’t have to remember the web addresses.

And be sure to check – our site to assist you in teaching technology skills as well as a place for students to practice the technology skills needed for online testing.


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