Technology Leadership Council

Picture of TL Council Meeting


Assist technology leaders in fulfilling their obligations by keeping them up-to-date and in the know.

Develop a collaborative environment where we share best-practice solutions.

Be an advocate for quality education through the use of technology.



CIOs, Curriculum Directors, eLearning Coordinators, Information Systems Directors, Instructional Technology Facilitators/Specialists, Media Specialists, Librarians, Network Managers, Technology Directors/Coordinators… anyone who leads the charge for the use of technology in their school or district.



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09/08/16 @HCESC 1-3pm (Agenda)

10/13/16 @HCESC 1-3pm (Agenda)

11/10/16 @HCESC 1-3pm (Agenda)

12/08/16 @HCESC 1-3pm (Agenda)

01/12/17 @HCESC 1-3pm (Agenda)

03/02/17 @Houston Conference Center 8:30-10:30am (Agenda)

04/13/17 @HCESC 1-3pm

05/11/17 @HCESC 1-3pm logo with link to edTech TweetsGet the edTech weekender delivered to your inbox! News and resources to help you teach, learn, and lead with technology from us each Sunday.