Ideaphora – a personalized knowledge mapping tool

Ideaphora is an online knowledge mapping environment that works seamlessly with digital content such as YouTube videos and PDF’s. The technology deconstructs content into meaningful concepts and enables learners to reconstruct the information into lasting, personalized knowledge.

Knowledge mapping is a process of visually associating information in such a way that the process creates additional knowledge.

Students can build knowledge maps alongside online content. The maps are based on key concepts that are identified directly from the content. Screenshots and images can be added to clarify concepts.

knowledge map

Shown at SXSWedu, Ideaphora has been a part of BrainPOP’s content platform under the name Make-a-Map since 2014. A standalone version is expected to be a part of the Edmodo LMS platform sometime this year.



Maps can be developed in a collaborative environment and shared so that users can integrate portions of or all of a map into their own maps.

Ideaphora has been built as a browser-based tool that doesn’t require a plug-in or download and can be used on all computers, tablets, and smartphones.

There are a wide variety of mind-mapping software applications available and many free (see “Free Mind Mapping Software” and But what makes Ideaphora unique is the ability to scan online content and pull out keywords to help kick-start a student’s map.

Currently in beta, educators can signup for early releases of the standalone version and information at Ideaphora’s website.


Rob Kovacs

Rob Kovacs

Rob Kovacs

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