gMath for Google Docs

Google Docs is a great collaborative tool for classroom use. However, math teachers sometimes feel left out. It’s always been difficult for students and teachers to “write” math equations, problems, etc in Docs.

Have no fear, there is now an Add-on called gMath for Google Docs. It allows you to create graphs and complex math in a Google Doc.

Math Expression Sidebar

After installing the Add-on, click on Add-ons and then gMath and a sidebar will appear. Here you can use LaTex commands or prebuilt codes like geometric signs, custom characters, and formulas.

gMath side bar

It also has a Speech to Math feature where you can talk directly to it to create the expressions or use handwriting recognition.

Graph functions and inequalities with gMath

You can type in functions and inequalities to create a graph. Then you can plot points and even find the line of best fit. You can even select a table in a Doc and import the data into gMath to create a graph.

gMath graph

Plugin creator John McGowan has a nicely laid out Help page that includes links to his other add-ons for Sheets and Forms. John is an authorized Google Education Trainer.

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