Bridge the Gap Between Science and Experimentation in the Classroom

The problem: lack of access to equipment and the demotivation of students when it comes to conducting science experiments in the classroom.

The solution is Lab4U’s web/mobile platform that connects teachers and students around science experiments that can be developed directly on mobile devices using built-in cellular sensors. Lab4U aims to reduce the costs of science education.

Lab4u problem

Lab4U is an early stage startup developing web and mobile technologies in which smartphones and tablets can be used as science instruments. Lab4U is designing and developing a hands-on science lab that uses built-in mobile sensors to experiment, and a crowd-learning web platform to prepare, analyze and share lab results. Lab4U aims to improve science education by delivering low-cost solutions where thousands of students and scientists will be able to have a lab in their pocket.

Lab4U has developed several Android apps designed to equip students and teachers with affordable science tools. The apps utilize sensors within mobile phones and other devices to allow the user to conduct an array of experiments, all with one smartphone.

For example, Lab4Physics enhances students’ understanding of the laws of physics by conducting a range of experiments through the use of built-in mobile sensors from a smartphone. Through the use of these sensors, students can easily measure, graph and analyze the changes in physical properties.

Lab4Solar allows students to view and explore their way through an illustration of the solar system.


Rob Kovacs

Rob Kovacs

Rob Kovacs

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